Gallagher Asphalt

Founded in 1928 and now in its third generation of family management, Gallagher Asphalt is one of the nation’s oldest paving companies and a pioneer in asphalt recycling. We help them roll out their message to introduce revolutionary paving methods across the country.

Anniversary Celebration Brochure and Video

To help celebrate their 90 year anniversary, Gallagher turned to us to create a compelling direct mail timeline brochure for customers and prospects. Along with the brochure we also created a celebration video that was showcased at their year-end company meeting.

Gallagher Asphalt 90 Year Anniversary mailer
Interior detail of Gallagher Asphalt 90 Year Anniversary mailer
Another interior view of Gallagher Asphalt 90 Year Anniversary mailer

Employee Newsletter

Gallagher Asphalt is a family-owned company that treats its employees like part of the family. We produce a quarterly employee newsletter that helps keep everybody at Gallagher in the know. Photos and articles submitted by employees are included in the newsletter.

Three covers of Gallagher Asphalt's Drive Time company newsletter

Hot In-Place Recycling

Hot In-Place road recycling was pioneered by Gallagher Asphalt. It is a proven resurfacing method that stretches a finite amount of money further. We help promote this process throughout the country to county engineers, public works directors and pavement engineers using email and direct mail efforts.

Gallagher Asphalt Hot In-Place Recycling web site
Three Gallagher Asphalt Hot In-Place infographics