And the Winners Are…

First Place
Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Peep Floyd, The Dark Side of the Peep” by Jen Walker

Second Place
Winner of $50 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Peepy Yoda” by Andy Sauder

Third Place
Winner of $25 Amazon Gift Card  |  “Peep in the Moon” by Chris Kowalski

A Special Thanks to the Runner-ups
“Oh BLEEP, I Stepped in PEEP” by James Brouder, “The Tiger King with Peep Exotic” by LouAnn Zeller, “Shelter in Plates” by Joel Davies, “Billie Peeplish” by LouAnn Zeller, “Peep Garden” by Belle Goble, “Peep Racers” by Kailee Rose, “Peep Social Distancing” by Rusty Zeller, “Untitled Peep” by Joe Zeller, “Peeps on Earth” by Dave Moy in collaboration with Ramona Moy, “Flight of Peep Beer” by Andy Sauder and Joe Zeller, “Bowling for Peeps” by Danielle Magana and “Peep-On Nails” by Ricky Magana.